Store & Space is leading manufacturer of adjustable storage equipments since 1995 in Pakistan. These equipments are mostly in the form of storage racks which are made of MS Sheet and powder coated of different color according to sizes and weights of different products as per requirement. We have a well equipped manufacturing unit that widens over a large area for manufacturing various products of varying sizes. We are striving towards providing our clients with a complete range of quality products under the category of Multiple Storage Systems

These products are suitable for Shoes, Medicines, Textile, and Leather, surgical, Agriculture, Chemical, Hosieries, Laboratories, universities, fabrics, tiles and export import warehouse and many more industries.

Our product has two types Storage Racks and Display Racks.

Storage Racks:

These types of racks are used for storage of products of different sizes in large or small warehouses for stacking and increasing the space.  

Display Racks:                       

These types of racks are using for display the products for selling purpose. Most of people when starting new superstore or start new business they invite us for survey for size of store and display the volume of product per shelf. 

Our Business offers storage solutions for industrial and supermarket Equipments in following


- Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

- Heavy Duty Long Span

- Medium Duty Racks

- Slotted angle Shelving

- Gondola Racks

- Wall Mounted Racks

- Trolleys

- Smart Mezzanine

- Design & Consulting Services


- Maximum Space Utilization

- Minimum Materials Handling

- Efficient use of Labor

- Easy to Assemble

- Adjustable and Movable

- Economical and Cost Effective

- Do it your Self


We commit

Save Space, Save Time and Save Money

So do not waste time and just make a call for adjustable Storage Racks and get benefits of modern space solutions.

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